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Dr. Jack Preger - Calcutta RescueCalcutta Rescue was started about 30 years ago to provide medical treatments to the poor and destitute in the streets of Calcutta. From that modest beginning, it has grown to 3 Medical Clinics and 2 Mobile Clinics serving about 17,000 patients each year, and 2 schools for 700 students from Grade 1 to 10, and a self employment center for widows and disadvantaged sections of the society.



Health Care Services

Calcutta Rescue treatments span from basic medical care, preventive medications like vaccinations, injury treatments, mental health, physical therapy, minor surgery, even leprosy and HIV treatments. These treatments are provided at clinics in Tala Park, Chitpur and Nimtala, and 2 fully mobile clinics are taken to different slums of Kolkata for patients who are too poor or too sick to come to the clinics. Learn more about CR’s healthcare initiatives. 

Educational Services

Besides education, Calcutta Rescue’s students are provided 2 meals a day, school uniforms, transports to and from school, healthcare – 2 screenings per year, extracurricular activities like sports, dancing, etc., Close to 80% of our students passed grade 10, and many have moved on to institutions of higher learning or vocational training. Without the help of Calcutta Rescue and its donors, many of these children will end up in the streets of Kolkata either as beggars or loitering, or engaging in anti-social activities. Your contributions change not only their lives, but the lives of their families as well.



In our Handicrafts project, we employ about 40 persons, most of them widows or elder women, and people physically or mentally disabled. These people are given basic training to make ladies’ scarves, stoles, handbags, table placemats, etc. from discarded materials. It is amazing to see how with some training, they can transform these materials into attractive items that sell very well in Europe and North America. We are helping these people to people to be self-supporting and not be a burden to the society or their family.


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