WHEN raises over $20,000 for Calcutta Rescue (CR)

Since beginning its fundraising activities in January 2013, WHEN has raised over $20,000 for CR in Kolkata, India. Our donations have gone to CR’s medical projects and schools, and we sponsor the medical, educational and nutritional costs of 5 children with chronic illnesses attending CR schools. We are grateful for the generosity of our donors and hope to increase our fundraising capacity in the years to come.

WHEN supports education in Tanzania

In 2014, WHEN raised $3500 to support Emanuel Dickson of Arusha, Tanzania through his final semester of St Joseph College of Engineering and Technology in order to earn his degree. We also bought him a laptop to improve his engineering capabilities and give him a chance to succeed. You can see the Indiegogo pitch here.

WHEN awards its first WHEN Scholarship Award in March 2014

The winner of our first annual competition was Dr. Sandeep S Nayak from the Samparker International Health Initiative. Sandeep and his team are launching an experimental pilot project to link expatriates from Karnataka through the internet to the primary health centers (PHCs) in their home villages in order to improve the quality of healthcare available there. PHCs are at the frontline of providing healthcare to India’s vast rural population, however they are chronically underfunded, inadequately stocked with medicines and supplies and riddled with corruption. WHEN is supporting Sandeep’s experimental project to improve healthcare quality, which, if successful, may serve as a model for PHCs throughout India. Learn more about WHEN’s grant competition here.

WHEN raises $5000 for the Uttarkhand flood relief efforts by Doctors for You (DFY) in summer of 2013

DFY is one of India’s premiere disaster relief organizations, and their operations have received numerous awards. Here is a short report from the field post on the website of the British Medical Group

WHEN sent 4 volunteers to Kolkata, India in 2014

In the summer of 2013, two American volunteers will be working for CR in Kolkata. WHEN is also facilitating a new collaboration between DFY and UMass-Boston for an undergraduate course called “International Epidemics”.

WHEN Provides Vitamin A after the Haiti Earthquake

In the immediate aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Haiti in early 2010, a fledgling WHEN arranged for the delivery of 5000 vitamin A supplements to needy children in that country.  Provided by the Dutch non-profit Sight and Life, the supplements were distributed to children in regions stricken by the natural disaster.

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