Our Projects

  •  We support the charity Calcutta Rescue (CR). WHEN contributes to CR’s general fund, medical clinics, schools and occupational training projects. We sponsor several children with chronic illnesses attending CR’s schools. Three WHEN board members have volunteered directly for CR in the past 5 years. We continue to send volunteers with training in nursing, medicine and education to help CR on the frontline on Kolkata’s streets and in its slums. Read more about Calcutta Rescue. 
  • We are promoting homegrown public health research in India. WHEN supports local researchers with the research experience of our Board as well as with grants to support local researchers in India working on unaddressed public health issues. In May 2013 we will be awarding several research grants at universities and medical schools in Kolkata. Our team of experts will choose worthy and effective projects that will improve access to quality healthcare. For a yearly donation, we can offer grants in your name! Read more about our research efforts.
  • We create initiatives on the local level to tackle unaddressed health issues.  We are working with vaccine manufacturers to get new and expensive vaccine to the underpriveleged children who need them most urgently. For example, the pneumonia vaccine (PCV-13) is currently not available to the vast majority of children in India despite the fact that 400,000 children die of pneumonia every year in India. WHEN is also working to get treatment to more people suffering from untreated leprosy. One of the most important ways to get people to the effective and FREE treatment for leprosy that is available in India is to reduce stigma. WHEN is working with media groups in India to develop an extensive social media campaign to help reduce the stigma which will allow people to “come out” and seek treatment. Read more.