All nine Calcutta Rescue students who completed their final school exams won places for higher education. Shibshankar Roy and Dilip Mondal are studying 3D animation, Debashish Sharma is doing a diploma in mechanical engineering, and Pradip Patra is studying for a degree in accounting.

Other students are studying Hindi, history, political science and painting. Few youngsters from very poor families manage to stay in education until the final year of school when they can take the Higher Secondary examination.

Examinations allow them the chance of a place at a college or university. Ananya Chaterjee, Calcutta Rescue’s head of education, and the team are working on ways to encourage more students to stay on till the final year. The success of this year’s cohort in getting places in higher education should inspire other youngsters. It just shows that, with the right support, Calcutta Rescue students can use their talents and commitments to do amazing things. They have the potential to transform their lives, and that of their families.