Calcutta Rescue Videos

What we do at Calcutta Rescue

This 5 minute video gives a brief overview of what we do at Calcutta Rescue – our Programs for Healthcare, Education, Vocational Training, Handloom and Weaving and Safe Drinking water.  Also included the recognition we received – Joint Winner of Best NGO (medium size) in India in 2009, as judged by Resource Alliance and Rockefeller Foundation.

Calcutta Rescue Living in the City

It is November 2017 and two women have just been told they are finally clear of tuberculosis after a year and a half of treatment. They  are dancing in joy in the middle of Calcutta Rescue’s TB clinic, surrounded by patients wearing green masks to prevent the spread of this potentially fatal disease and everybody, including the CEO joins in his office.

Swayam’s Story

This is the story of Swayam Shaw, a bright young boy from a very poor family, as all of Calcutta Rescue’s children are. Through education, he will uplift himself and his family from the cycle of poverty that has shackled the families like Swayam’s. Calcutta Rescue, with the donations received from India and abroad, will pay for Swayam’s, and kids like him, the education, healthcare, two meals a day and social development.