August, 2018

The schools were recognized by West Bengal’s educational elite in the prestigious “The Telegraph School Awards for Excellence” as the “The Most Caring School in West Bengal”.

Although Calcutta Rescue schools operate on shoestring budgets teaching youngsters from Kolkata’s slums, they beat five other shortlisted schools – four of them leading fee-paying schools, to win the award for the most caring school in 2018.

Calcutta Rescue’s founder, Dr Jack Preger, was also inducted into The Telegraph Education Foundation Hall of Fame – a rare honor reserved for the state’s greatest educators. Dr Jack dedicated his award to all those who had helped in his work over so many years.

Guests at the ceremony at the Science City Auditorium also saw a talent show of Calcutta Rescue’s youngsters, when they gave a moving performance highlighting the integration of people from different cultures, religions and walks of life.

The two schools of Calcutta Rescue now support 700 children, giving them education, free meals, healthcare, transport to and from home, and the chance to develop through dance, drama, sport, and a wide range of personal support and motivation, a key need for youngsters from poverty stricken backgrounds.

Ananya Chatterjee, who taught at the prestigious Delhi Public School before taking over Calcutta Rescue’s educational program, said after the ceremony: “When the children were receiving rounds of applause, I got goose-bumps. I know the ins and outs of each one of my students who performed on the stage, and I know how tough their lives are!”