Calcutta Rescue’s Budget Breakdown

Calcutta Rescue’s 2013-2014 budget: 


Funds are supplied by CR’s support groups throughout Europe. WHEN is the official US support group for CR and transfers donations twice annually. You can see a breakdown of CR’s budget in the pie charts below. NOTE: CR spends only 10% of its funds on administration, which is low compared to many million-dollar non-profits. Most of these administrative funds go to paying salaries for CR’s local staff of over 50 local people living in Kolkata, including doctors,  nurses, health educators, teachers, drivers, weavers and handicraft workshop workers. By focusing on local staff, CR employs people of various levels of training, injects money into the local economy, and builds local capacity – all while providing needed services to the poorest people.

WHEN will provide further budget details upon request. For detailed descriptions of CR’s projects, see our website or CR’s website.