Donors List

We thank each and every one of the following for their generosity and donations:

  • Dr. Aliva De
  • Anuradha Sinha
  • Asok Baral
  • Chuni Ghosh
  • Debajyoti Chatterjee
  • Joginder Kundra
  • Dr. Jonathan Reisman
  • Jonathan Stypula
  • Kalipada Palit
  • Ramona Lall
  • Sashi Ghosal
  • Sris Chatterjee
  • Utpal Sengupta
  • Vivian Reisman, J.D.


Over the years, many kind persons, who believe in the cause of Calcutta Rescue, have donated.
We are waiting for their consent before publishing the names. This list will be continually updated.