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Dr. Jack Preger Education Project

Calcutta Rescue runs a free education programme at Girish Park, Kolkata for the under-privileged living in the area around. We support about 390 children starting from kindergarten right up to college. Our programme provides after school coaching, computer and spoken English classes for children attending the formal govt. schools. We also provide two nutritious meals, medical care as well as extra curricula activities to help them achieve their full potential. Cramped in 2300 sq feet area, the school is bursting at its seams and needs to relocate to a nearby bigger premises so that we can provide better services to our beneficiaries. We need your help to fund this new school building.

What can we bring in the new school?

We aim to provide these poor and deprived children a safer and healthier environment to learn, away from their difficult home atmosphere.

It will give us the opportunity to feature learning activities like music, painting and other arts programme.

By setting up a proper computer training and vocational education centre we hope to provide them with earnings opportunities and make them financially independent.

We will be able to provide a more hygienic dining area, a medical care centre and a small library for our students.

And above all, some open space for them to have fun and sports.

What support do we need from you ?

We have identified a building close to the existing school.  This will make it easier for the children to continue attending school without any additional transport. Price of the building has been agreed and legal due diligence is in process.

The total cost of the building, renovation and furniture is estimated at 3.2 crores (€427,000) . With donations received so far, a corpus of 1.4 crores (186,000) remains.

We need to fund the balanceAll foreign donations can be remitted through our approved FCRA account and all Indian donations will qualify for 100% tax deduction.

 USA Tax deductible contributions can be made the official Calcutta Rescue support group here where every dollar donated will go towards this critical project.

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