33rd North American Bengali Conference

Jul - 13


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Location: Toronto, Canada

Cultural Association of Bengal was formed by a few enthusiast Bengali immigrants in New York in the year 1971.  In course of time, the small organization has spread into a large tree and  branched out to entire North America in United States of America and Canada,  with a vision to cross cultural interaction and appreciation with particular  emphasis on the literature, art and the cultural heritage of Bengal. The  Association consists of members who believe in the objectives and aims of the  Association as laid down in the Constitution and as amended from time to time,  joined the Association by signing a declaration agreeing to support those  objectives and aims, and paid the required subscription. The executive  functions of the Association are performed by the Executive Committee elected  by, from and among the members biannually in manners specified by the  Constitution.

North America Bengali Conference, popularly known as  NABC,  first started by CAB way back in  1981. Since  then NABC has gradually become an annual meeting point of thousands of Bengali  practicing people from all over North America – a perfect gathering for  connecting experiences and exploring opportunities. This three-day get-together  celebrates the richness and diversity of the culture and tradition of Bengal,  catering to our aesthetic, intellectual and business pursuits.

33rd NABC is being held in Toronto,  hosted by Probasi Bengali Cultural Association (PBCA) of Toronto at Metro  Toronto Convention Center (MTCC) on 5 – 7 July, 2012. The Theme of NABC 2013 is  Bengal  Renaissance.