All the money you donate to Calcutta Rescue USA, 100%, is sent to Calcutta Rescue Kolkata. The USA Support Group is run entirely by dedicated board members and volunteers, both Americans and people of Indian or Bengali origin, who believe in the mission of Calcutta Rescue. We have no staff and no office, we dedicate our time, energy and money, and run entirely from our homes.
As stated, 100% of your donations to Calcutta Rescue USA go to Calcutta Rescue in Kolkata, where only 12% of the money is spent on administrative overhead. The comparable average figure is 3 times, according to the Non Profit Times. The rest 88% of your donation goes to the beneficiaries. Calcutta Rescue Kolkata is overseen by a Governing council, comprising of retired business executives, high court lawyer, physicians, businessmen, and retired Indian army and air force officers. Our costs are also kept low because of many volunteers that we are blessed with. They are mostly from Europe and India.
The donations to Calcutta Rescue USA qualify for tax deductions for US taxpayers. We are registered as a 501 c(3) organization with the Internal Revenue Service. Receipts for tax deduction are given at the time of donation, and if the donations are made online or by mail, the receipts are sent promptly. Also, if your company makes a matching contribution, kindly send us the necessary forms or information, and we will apply for the matching of donations that you have made.
Only if you give us the permission. We keep track of all donations by individuals or corporations made over time, and will publish the names in our Donors List with your consent.
You can donate directly through Calcutta Rescue’s website or by mailing checks to their office in Kolkata, the address is given in website: www.CalcuttaRescue.org. However, the tax benefits available to US taxpayers by going through Calcutta Rescue USA since we are a 501 c(3) organization, will not be available if you send your donations directly to Kolkata.
Yes, of course. In fact, we prefer payments by checks since we save the charges payable to Paypal or credit card companies if donations are received through their channels. Checks can be mailed to the following address, and will be promptly acknowledged: Calcutta Rescue USA 170 Charlotte Place Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632
Calcutta Rescue was started in 1980’s on the pavements of Calcutta by a British doctor, Dr. Jack Preger, who had given up the comforts back home, and started treating the poor and destitute from the slums. Pretty soon, the trickle turned into a flood. Along came the heckles and abuses from the bureaucrats and the police. Undeterred, he continued serving the poor, and registered Calcutta Rescue in 1991. Its US Support Group, called World Health and Education Network, was started in 2000’s by Dr. Jonathan Reisman who had volunteered as a physician at Calcutta. Rescue. In 2019, the name was changed to Calcutta Rescue USA in keeping with the organization’s focus.
You can help Calcutta Rescue in many ways. You can spread the words about the activities and achievements of Calcutta Rescue to your friends and family and colleagues. You can participate in the lecture series or other events that we organize from time to time. Details are published in our website, and also will be informed to you if you are in our email list. You can also purchase handicraft items that we display at our events and in North America Bengali Conference (NABC). These items are made by widows and disabled as we help them to become independent. All money received are sent to Calcutta Rescue in Kolkata, about half goes to pay for the widows and disabled and the other half goes to Calcutta Rescue general fund. Also, we are always looking for volunteers to help us in USA or help the poor in India. In USA, you can help us in organizing fund raising events or helping in ticket sales, or writing for grant applications. We also need help in IT, photography and public relations. Calcutta Rescue in Kolkata looks for experienced people in the fields of medicine, education, IT and general administration. You can also see firsthand the works being done by Calcutta Rescue in your next visit to Kolkata. Please drop us a line and we will advise you how to arrange for a visit to our medical clinics, schools or handicraft project center. You can contact us at CalcuttaRescueUSA@gmail.com
We work with other NGO’s in USA, Kokata, and other Calcutta Rescue Support Groups located in U.K., France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and Canada. In Kolkata, we have worked with the NGO called Swayam, which focuses on Gender Based Violence, and are always looking for partners who have a common vision of uplifting the poor and destitute of Kolkata and West Bengal.