How to Reduce Neonatal Infection and Mortality Posted October 25, 2012 by admin


US AID released the results of two new studies demonstrating that proper umbilical cord cleansing can reduce the  infants’ risk of infection and death.

The Health Challenge

US AID’s research has shown that neonatal deaths account for more than 40 percent of estimated 8.8 million deaths of children under 5 each year world wide.  In high mortality settings, more than half of those neonate deaths are the result of serious infection.

The First Study

“In rural Bangladesh, over 29,000 newborns were enrolled in a randomized trial to determine the effectiveness of single or 7-day cleansing with 4 percent chlorhexidine compared to the standard dry cord care.”

In short, this trial has reduced an infant’s risk of infection and death by 20 percent.

Get more information by reading USAID’s article, Chlorhexidine Umbilical Cord Care Can Save Newborn Lives

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