WHEN partnered with the residency programs and medical schools in Savannah, GA beginning in 2016 to provide American healthcare practitioners to hospitals in Nicaragua. Under the guidance of Dr. Nathan Samras, medical residents as well as medical students, PA students and nursing students will travel to Nicaragua to work in three health care facilities. They will help provide medical care to an underserved community while learning about Nicaragua’s health care delivery system and local culture.  These relief trips take place 3-4 times per year. The American participants work alongside Nicaraguan doctors. Interpreters will be paired with non-Spanish speaking participants. American participants will give lectures to the medical staff on topics applicable to the local patient population. The American participants will also bring needed medical supplies to the Nicaraguan hospitals.


headshot Nathan Samras

Dr. Nathan Samras is an internist-pediatrician in the residency programs at Memorial Hospital in Savannah GA and an assistant professor at Mercer Medical School in Savannah.  He worked in international development in Malawi for 4 years as a Peace Corps volunteer and with the United Nations World Food Program in the project development department. He currently oversees WHEN’s Nicaragua project, helping healthcare providers volunteer at Nicaraguan hospitals.

WHEN is supporting Dr. Samras’ efforts and providing specifically-allocated funds to help pay for therapies for Niceragua’s indigent.

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