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Thank you to all who attended our fundraiser for Calcutta Rescue on November 8. The turnout was excellent, and author Amitav Ghosh gave a fascinating talk about the role of the opium trade in the growth of the city of Kolkata. We raised over $10,000 – thank you to all who donated!





Read more about Amitav Ghosh:



Thank you to The Kati Roll Company and Masala Mama for providing delicious and authentic Kolkata street food. Thank you to Erel Pilo for the live bossa nova music. And thank you to Amitav Ghosh for attending and donating so many books to the cause.

You can still donate, and 100% of donations are given in support of Calcutta Rescue.


Learn more about Calcutta Rescue:

Calcutta Rescue is a registered non – governmental organization (NGO) operating in Kolkata and some parts of rural West Bengal for over three decades serving the most socially and economically disadvantaged people of the region – regardless of gender, age, caste or religion.

Although India is a rising power today, the harsh reality of poverty and deprivation cannot be ignored. In Kolkata and areas of rural West Bengal itself, almost 4 million people live below the poverty line and some 2.5 million people live on the streets and slums scattered across the city. Thus, Calcutta Rescue was established to meet the most basic needs of these poor and downtrodden, providing free medical care, education, benefits and vocational training for increasing income generation opportunities.

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