Calcutta Rescue has been awarded the coveted Platinum rating for 2018 by Guidestar, the respected agency in India that assesses the transparency, financial integrity and several metrics of performance for charities operating in India. Only 6% of the 300 charities rated by Guidestar have received this highest ranking.

Calcutta Rescue’s administration and promotional costs run about 11-12% per year, far lower than most charities in USA or India. (According to Non-Profit Times US charities average about 37%).

It is our pride and our duty that the money you so generously give to Calcutta Rescue is not wasted in any way, but is spent on the poorest and destitute of Kolkata, just what you had intended for your donation dollars. Most of the money to support Calcutta Rescue’s work comes from individuals like you. We have Support Groups, entirely run by volunteers, in Europe and North America, and dedicated individuals and corporate donors in India.

In the USA, Calcutta Rescue is run entirely by volunteers. We have no offices and no paid members, just a small number of dedicated and enthusiastic board members and volunteers working from their homes.