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Calcutta Rescue runs two schools, from grades 1 to 10, and a Computer Training and Coaching Center, with over 600 children from the slums and streets of Kolkata. Students receive books, clothes, nutritious meals, and in-school medical and dental care. Many of the children attending these schools have chronic medical conditions and receive basic healthcare from CR. Other poor children attending public schools are supported by CR with books, clothing, and food. Graduates of CR schools are often offered vocational training in their workshops.

You can sponsor an individual child or an entire class of 20 children at one of CR’s schools. Sponsors receives from an assigned teacher, twice a year, a Progress Report of the class they support. The report includes:

  • Photographs and general health conditions
  • Subjects covered in class curriculum over the period, attendance levels, dropouts, if any
  • Summary of examination results, individual success stories
  • Extra-curricular activities of the children, including photos of events and activities
  • A personalized letter from one child in the class
  • Support provided by Calcutta Rescue to the children
  • Developments at Calcutta Rescue Schools

To sponsor a child click here

100% of Sponsor’s donations go to Calcutta Rescue where 89% of donations go to beneficiaries. Sponsor’s donations are tax deductible in US.

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