Tackling Gender Based Violence with Swayam Posted July 4, 2019 by jreisman

Workshops on Gender Based Violence (GBV) are going to be held in 20 slums, in co-operation with the leading GBV charity Swayam to tackle the issues of violence against women and children.

We already have front-line staff trained to understand the problems, and identify possible sufferers when they come for treatment at the clinics.

Seven cases have so far been identified at Tala Park Clinic, and these are being handled with great sensitivity by doctors and healthcare workers, as the women involved are very afraid of the consequences of speaking out. A survey is also being done of female patients at the clinic so they can better understand the scale of the problem among the people Calcutta Rescue serves.

Now Swayam is planning to bring its van into the slums where Calcutta Rescue works to start workshops and awareness campaigns to help tackle the problems. A pilot project at Garden Reach slum was very successful. And, starting this month, Swayam’s van will come to Tala Park Clinic once a week where its staff will perform skits, songs and dance about specific gender based issues such as child marriage, domestic violence and girl-boy inequality.