March, 2017

 “If the patients cannot come to the clinic, the clinic will come to the patients” – with that motto the first Mobile Clinic was started and it had an impressive success. On February 17, a second Mobile Clinic has been put into operation, and it is already helping hard-to reach patients in slums across Kolkata.

The vehicle, costing Rs, 16 lakhs, was donated by the State Bank of India after their review of the outstanding work done by the first ambulance in 14 slums. It operated in areas such as Canal East and West, where 20,000 people live in appalling conditions next to the canal in North Kolkata.

Half of the new Mobile Clinic’s 8-person crew come from the first Mobile Clinic, and together they bring in 11 years of experience.  The Clinic will operate in 10 slums every week proving immunization of children, diagnosis and treatment of TB and leprosy, and treatments of people with a wide range of medical conditions. The doctors and nurses also provide vital health education, specially to women and children.. High-protein food, soap, blankets and clothing are also given to those in need

State Bank of India’s Assistant General Manager of Public Relation & Community Services, Mr. Mohan Mitra, said that, “SBI, as a corporate citizen, is working for the needy, economically backward & under- privileged section of the society for a long time. It is a proud privilege for SBI to have an opportunity to work with a great organization like Calcutta Rescue, which has its foot print across the globe for a noble cause”.

The new chief executive of Calcutta Rescue, Jaydeep Chakraborty, said: “Improving the country is the responsibility of all citizens, and when collaborations like the one between SBI and Calcutta Rescue occur, we are able to achieve so much more than what we could achieve alone. We are grateful to SBI, and we look forward to forging deeper ties with them in the quest to serve many of our fellow country -men and women in Kolkata and West Bengal”.