Rabiul Gazi has come a long way since he first arrived at a Calcutta Rescue clinic at age 5, suffering from seizures, learning delay and hyperactivity. Nine years on, he helped India win in floor-ball (a type of indoor hockey) at the Special Olympics World Winter Games in Austria.

Rabiul‘s family is very poor and his health problems put a big strain on the family. But Calcutta Rescue was there to help. With the right drugs, his condition soon improved. The frequency of his fits decreased and he finally stopped having seizures. Despite the two hours’ journey, his mother brought him regularly to Calcutta Rescue’s disabilities project where he was given speech therapy.

From the start, Rabiul loved sport and won a number of local competitions. As a result, he was selected to compete in state-level special games. He was so good that he was selected for the national squad for the bi-annual Special Olympics World Winter Games in March. The Indian team – Rabiul and his 5 team members defeated Mexico, Indonesia and Sri Lanka to reach the final, where they beat Nigeria to win the gold. Rabiul never thought that he could achieve so much in his life. He frequently expresses his gratitude to Calcutta Rescue and, of course, his mother who has been his biggest inspiration.