Board of Directors

Jonathan Reisman M.D.

Calcutta Rescue USA President Jonathan Reisman MD is an internist, pediatrician, writer and traveler currently working in emergency rooms in the Philadelphia/Camden area, as well as aboard ships in the Arctic and Antarctic.
For more information about him or links to his work and writings, click here.

Asok Baral

Asok Baral was born and raised in Calcutta, and now lives in Princeton Junction, New Jersey. He recently retired from his energy industry consulting business.

Aliva De M.D.

Aliva De M.D. is a practicing pediatric pulmonologist at Columbia University Medical Center, New York City.


Jonathan Stypula

Jonathan Stypula is a businessman from Chicago, IL who has worked in Kolkata, volunteered for Calcutta Rescue, and worked in non-profit fundraising for several years.


Ramona Lall Ph.D.

Ramona Lall, PhD, is employed as research scientist at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. She also teaches a course on Environmental Measurements at New York University.


Vivian Reisman, J.D.

Vivian Reisman JD is a lawyer, businesswoman, and former teacher from New Jersey.